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The Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) holds the 1st Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Partners’ Upscale Program (STEP-UP) in Baltimore, Maryland and ONLINE for 4 days from September 21st, 2020 with the mission to promote and enrich the KSEA members’ entrepreneurship and to discuss the success of innovative ventures, especially in the fields of biotech and healthcare.

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Keynote Speaker

Kwang-Soo Kim, PhD

Professor and Director
Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory,
McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Title:  Toward the cure of Parkinson’s disease

Kwang-Soo Kim is Professor and Director of the molecular neurobiology laboratory at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Based on his >30 years’ experiences to investigate the transcriptional regulatory cascade of midbrain dopamine neuronal system, his research is focused on translational approach to develop novel therapeutic regimen for Parkinson’s disease (PD). First, Dr. Kim identified the orphan nuclear receptor Nurr1 as a promising drug target, established high throughput screening systems, and attempted to identify both synthetic and native agonists of Nurr1 as potential drug candidates. Second, Dr. Kim is performing the human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) research and trying to establish a platform of hiPSC-based personalized cell therapy. He will share his experience of treating the first PD patient using the patient’s own skin cells.

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